Genesis 44:29

Ἐὰν οὖν λάβητε καὶ τοῦτον ἐκ προσώπου μου καὶ συμβῇ αὐτῷ μαλακία ἐν τῇ ὁδῷ, καὶ κατάξετέ μου τὸ γῆρας μετὰ λύπης εἰς ᾅδου.

If then you take this one also from my face and illness befalls him on the road, and you shall bring down my old age with sorrow to Hades.

ולקחתם גם־את־זה מעם פני וקרהו אסון והורדתם את־שׂיבתי ברעה שׁאלה׃


*   face OR presence
*   illness OR misfortune OR affliction
*   befalls OR comes to
*   road OR way OR journey
*   Hades OR grave


See Gen 42:8.



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