Genesis 6:13

Καὶ εἶπεν ὁ Θεὸς πρὸς Νῶε· Καιρὸς παντὸς ἀνθρώπου ἥκει ἐναντίον μου, ὅτι ἐπλήσθη ἡ γῆ ἀδικίας ἀπ’ αὐτῶν· καὶ ἰδοὺ ἐγὼ καταφθείρω αὐτοὺς καὶ τὴν γῆν.

And God said to Noe, “The critical time of all men has come before me, because the earth is filled with injustice by them; and behold I will destroy them and the earth.

ויאמר אלהים לנח קץ כל־בשׂר בא לפני כי־מלאה הארץ חמס מפניהם והנני משׁחיתם את־הארץ׃


* ὁ Θεὸς | Κύριος ὁ Θεὸς
* critical OR designated
* injustice OR iniquity, unrighteousness, wrong-doing





Septuagint Manuscripts :

Gen 6:13 [Codex Alexandrinus (A) (5th century)]

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