Exodus 35:23

Καὶ πᾶς ᾧ εὑρέθη παρ᾿ αὐτῷ ὑάκινθος καὶ πορφύρα καὶ κόκκινον καὶ βύσσος καὶ δέρματα ὑακίνθινα καὶ δέρματα κριῶν ἠρυθροδανωμένα, ἤνεγκαν.

And everyone with whom was found with him blue and purple and scarlet and linen and blue skins and  rams’ skins dyed red , they brought.

וכל־אישׁ אשׁר־נמצא אתו תכלת וארגמן ותולעת שׁני ושׁשׁ ועזים וערת אילם מאדמים וערת תחשׁים הביאו׃


*   Text conjectured from Hebrew
*   πᾶς ᾧ εὑρέθη παρ᾿ αὐτῷ | παρ᾿ ᾧ εὑρέθη
*   Many MSS omit ὑάκινθος καὶ πορφύρα καὶ κόκκινον καὶ



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