Genesis 7:21

Καὶ ἀπέθανεν πᾶσα σὰρξ κινουμένη ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς τῶν πετεινῶν, καὶ τῶν κτηνῶν, καὶ τῶν θηρίων, καὶ πᾶν ἑρπετὸν κινούμενον ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς, καὶ πᾶς ἄνθρωπος.

And all flesh that moved on the earth died, the birds, and the domestic animals, and the wild beasts, and every moving reptiles on the earth, and every human.

ויגוע כל־בשׂר הרמשׂ על־הארץ בעוף ובבהמה ובחיה ובכל־השׁרץ השׁרץ על־הארץ וכל האדם׃


* domestic animals OR cattle OR livestock



Septuagint Manuscripts :

Gen 7:21 [Codex Alexandrinus (A) (5th century)]

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