Genesis 5:2

ἄρσεν καὶ θῆλυ ἐποίησεν αὐτοὺς, καὶ εὐλόγησεν αὐτούς. καὶ ἐπωνόμασεν τὸ ὄνομα αὐτῶν Ἀδάμ, ᾗ ἡμέρᾳ ἐποίησεν αὐτούς.

male and female he made them, and he blessed them. And he named their name Adam, on the day he made them.

זכר ונקבה בראם ויברך אתם ויקרא את־שׁמם אדם ביום הבראם׃


*   named OR called


Septuagint Manuscripts :

Gen 5:2 [Codex Alexandrinus (A) (5th century)]



LXX Editions:

  • Lambert Bos (1709)
  • Robert Holmes (1798)
  • Paul Anton de Lagarde (1868)
  • Tischendorf-Nestle (1880)
  • Henry Barclay Swete (1887)
  • Cambridge (Alan England Brooke & Norman McLean) (1906)
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