Genesis 49:6

Εἰς βουλὴν αὐτῶν μὴ ἔλθοι ἡ ψυχή μου, καὶ ἐπὶ τῇ συστάσει αὐτῶν μὴ ἐρίσαι τὰ ἥπατά μου, ὅτι ἐν τῷ θυμῷ αὐτῶν ἀπέκτειναν ἀνθρώπους καὶ ἐν τῇ ἐπιθυμίᾳ αὐτῶν ἐνευροκόπησαν ταῦρον.

Let not my soul come into their counsel, and let not my livers contend with their assembly because in their anger they killed men and in their passion they hamstrung a bull.

בסדם אל־תבא נפשׁי בקהלם אל־תחד כבדי כי באפם הרגו אישׁ וברצנם עקרו־שׁור׃


*   ἐρίσαι | ἐρείσαι
*   livers OR inward parts
*   contend OR strive OR quarrel Or wrangle OR rival
*   anger OR wrath OR rage
*   hamstrung OR houghed


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