Genesis 49:33

Καὶ κατέπαυσεν Ἰακὼβ ἐπιτάσσων τοῖς υἱοῖς αὐτοῦ καὶ ἐξάρας τοὺς πόδας αὐτοῦ ἐπὶ τὴν κλίνην ἐξέλιπεν καὶ προσετέθη πρὸς τὸν λαὸν αὐτοῦ.

And Iakob ceased giving orders to his sons and lifted up his feet on the bed he departed and was gathered to his people.

ויכל יעקב לצות את־בניו ויאסף רגליו אל־המטה ויגוע ויאסף אל־עמיו׃


*   orders OR charges
*   departed OR passed over OR died OR ceased

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