Genesis 49:23

Εἰς ὃν διαβουλευόμενοι ἐλοιδόρουν, καὶ ἐνεῖχον αὐτῷ κύριοι τοξευμάτων.

Toward whom they are deliberating and reviling and lords of archers have a grudge against him.

וימררהו ורבו וישׂטמהו בעלי חצים׃


*   ἐλοιδόρουν | some MSS + διεδικασαντο | + εδικαζοντο
*   κύριοι τοξευμάτων = lords of arrows = archers
*   Toward (American English) OR Towards (British English)
*   deliberating with evil attention
*   reviling OR railing


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