Genesis 41:21

καὶ εἰσῆλθον εἰς τὰς κοιλίας αὐτῶν καὶ οὐ διάδηλοι ἐγένοντο ὅτι εἰσῆλθον εἰς τὰς κοιλίας αὐτῶν, καὶ αἱ ὄψεις αὐτῶν αἰσχραὶ καθὰ καὶ τὴν ἀρχήν. ἐξεγερθεὶς δὲ ἐκοιμήθην.

and they entered into their bellies and it did not become distinguishable that they had entered into their bellies, and their appearance was ugly, just as also at the beginning. Then I awoke and slept.

ותבאנה אל־קרבנה ולא נודע כי־באו אל־קרבנה ומראיהן רע כאשׁר בתחלה ואיקץ׃




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