Genesis 33:7

καὶ προσήγγισεν Λεία καὶ τὰ τέκνα αὐτῆς καὶ προσεκύνησαν, καὶ μετὰ ταῦτα προσήγγισεν Ῥαχὴλ καὶ Ἰωσήφ καὶ προσεκύνησαν.

and Leia and her children drew near and they bowed down, and after this Rhachel and Ioseph drew near and they bowed down.

ותגשׁ גם־לאה וילדיה וישׁתחוו ואחר נגשׁ יוסף ורחל וישׁתחוו׃


* bowed down OR did reverence OR made obeisance




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