Genesis 31:30

Νῦν οὖν πεπόρευσαι· ἐπιθυμίᾳ γὰρ ἐπεθύμησας ἀπελθεῖν εἰς τὸν οἶκον τοῦ πατρός σου· ἵνα τί ἔκλεψας τοὺς θεούς μου;

Now then, you have gone; for longing you longed to go away to the house of your father; why did you steal my gods?”

ועתה הלך הלכת כי־נכסף נכספתה לבית אביך למה גנבת את־אלהי׃


*   longing you longed OR you have strongly desire


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