Genesis 3:23

Καὶ ἐξαπέστειλεν αὐτὸν Kύριος ὁ Θεὸς ἐκ τοῦ παραδείσου τῆς τρυφῆς, ἐργάζεσθαι τὴν γῆν ἐξ ἧς ἐλήμφθη.

So the LORD God sent him out of the Garden of delight to work the earth out of which he was taken.

וישׁלחהו יהוה אלהים מגן־עדן לעבד את־האדמה אשׁר לקח משׁם׃


* ἐλήμφθη (Swete; Cambridge; Rahlfs) | ἐλήφθη (Holmes; Lagarde; Tischendorf-Nestle)
* delight OR daintiness OR pleasure
* earth OR ground OR land




Septuagint Manuscripts :

Gen 3:23 [Codex Alexandrinus (A) (5th century)]

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