Genesis 15:14

Τὸ δὲ ἔθνος ᾧ ἐὰν δουλεύσωσιν κρινῶ ἐγώ· μετὰ δὲ ταῦτα ἐξελεύσονται ὧδε μετὰ ἀποσκευῆς πολλῆς.

But the nation whomsoever they shall serve I will judge; then after this they shall come out to this place with much possessions.

וגם את־הגוי אשׁר יעבדו דן אנכי ואחרי־כן יצאו ברכשׁ גדול׃


* ὧδε = here, to this place, refers to the promised land
* μετὰ ἀποσκευῆς πολλῆς could be translated as “with a lot of luggage or baggage” – as travel provisions for the journey from Egypt to Canaan.

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