Exodus 33:2

Καὶ συναποστελῶ τὸν ἄγγελόν μου πρὸ προσώπου σου, καὶ ἐκβαλεῖ τὸν Χαναναῖον καὶ Ἀμοῤῥαῖον καὶ Χετταῖον  καὶ Γεργεσαῖον καὶ Φερεζαῖον καὶ Εὑαῖον καὶ Ἰεβουσαῖον.

And I will send along my angel before your face, and he shall cast out the Chananite and Amorite and Chettite and Gergesite and Pherezite and Hevite and Iebousite.

ושׁלחתי לפניך מלאך וגרשׁתי את־הכנעני האמרי והחתי והפרזי החוי והיבוסי׃


*   Text conjectured from Samaritan Pentateuch | Masoretic Text omits והגרגשי ( καὶ Γεργεσαῖον)
*   Many MSS omit καὶ Χαναναῖον OR add καὶ Χαναναῖον after Ἰεβουσαῖον
*   καὶ Γεργεσαῖον καὶ Φερεζαῖον =  Samaritan Pentateuch והגרגשי והפרזי | Most MSS καὶ Φερεζαῖον καὶ Γεργεσαῖον
*   I will send along OR I will send as a companion
*   cast out OR drive out

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