Exodus 35:27

Καὶ οἱ ἄρχοντες ἤνεγκαν τοὺς λίθους τῆς σμαράγδου καὶ τοὺς λίθους τῆς πληρώσεως εἰς τὴν ἐπωμίδα καὶ εἰς τὸ λογεῖον,

And the rulers brought the emerald stones and the stones of filling into the ephod and into the oracular breastplate,

והנשׂאם הביאו את אבני השׁהם ואת אבני המלאים לאפוד ולחשׁן׃


*   εἰς τὸ λογεῖον | τὸ λογεῖον
*   λογεῖον | λόγιον
*   καὶ εἰς τὸ λογεῖον | in Exodus 25:7Exodus 35:9 ולחשׁן = καὶ τὸν ποδήρη
*   oracular breastplate OR oracle
*   The most common Hebrew term for the robes of the high priests is כתנת, which is usually translated χιτών. The term ποδήρης occurs 12 times in the LXX and always refers to a garment worn by the high priest. The term is used to translate 5 different Hebrew words, so that the Greek term ποδήρης can hardly be understood as a technical term:
(1) חשׁן, “breastplate,” found only in the Priestly writer and most often translated λογεῖον, “oracular breastplate” (e.g., Exodus 28:15, Exodus 28:22), but translated ποδήρης in Exodus 25:7 and Exodus 35:9;
(2) מעיל, in Exodus 28:4; Exodus 29:5;
(3) אפוד in Exodus 28:31;
(4) בד in Ezekiel 9:2, 3, 11;
(5) מחלצות in Zechariah 3:4


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