Exodus 30:18

Ποίησον λουτῆρα χαλκοῦν καὶ βάσιν αὐτῷ χαλκῆν, ὥστε νίπτεσθαι· καὶ θήσεις αὐτὸν ἀνὰ μέσον τῆς σκηνῆς τοῦ μαρτυρίου καὶ ἀνὰ μέσον τοῦ θυσιαστηρίου, καὶ ἐκχεεῖς εἰς αὐτὸν ὕδωρ,

“Make a copper laver and a copper base for it, for washing; and you shall put it between the tent of witness and the altar, and you shall pour out water into it,

ועשׂית כיור נחשׁת וכנו נחשׁת לרחצה ונתת אתו בין־אהל מועד ובין המזבח ונתת שׁמה מים׃


*   copper OR bronze OR brass OR brazen
*   laver OR washing-tub, i.e.  a large basin upon a foot or pedestal in the court of the tabernacle and subsequently in the temple, containing water for the ablutions of the priests and for the washing of the sacrifices in the temple service.
*   for washing OR in order to wash (in it)
*   put OR place
*   tent OR tabernacle

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