Exodus 27:12

Τὸ δὲ εὖρος τῆς αὐλῆς τὸ κατὰ θάλασσαν ἱστία πεντήκοντα πήχεων· στῦλοι αὐτῶν δέκα, καὶ αἱ βάσεις αὐτῶν δέκα.

Now the width of the courtyard toward the sea, hangings of fifty cubits; their pillars ten, and their bases ten.

ורחב החצר לפאת־ים קלעים חמשׁים אמה עמדיהם עשׂרה ואדניהם עשׂרה׃


*   πήχεων | πηχῶν
*   καὶ αἱ βάσεις | καὶ βάσεις
*   width OR breadth
*   toward OR opposite
*   hangings, i.e. large, thin, hanging fabrics, curtains




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