Exodus 25:25

Καὶ ποιήσεις αὐτῇ στεφάνην παλαιστοῦ κύκλῳ· καὶ ποιήσεις στρεπτὸν κυμάτιον τῇ στεφάνῃ κύκλῳ.

And you shall make for it a rim of a palm (width) round about; and you shall make a twisted molding for the rim round about.

ועשׂית לו מסגרת טפח סביב ועשׂית זר־זהב למסגרתו סביב׃


*   Exodus 25:25 = Exodus 25:24 in other LXX editions
*   rim OR crown
*   a palm (width) OR four fingers’ breadth
*   rim OR crown

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